Zenput for Marketing & Promotions

Execute successful marketing campaigns and promotions in every store

Successful marketing hinges on store execution

Multi-unit operators regularly launch LTOs, seasonal offerings, and other promotions to drum up attention for their brand and keep foot traffic high. But the success of these initiatives ultimately depends on each store’s participation and ability to act on it—placing signage, training employees, and being ready the day the promotion begins.

Launch successful promotions from day one

Zenput empowers managers and employees in every location to know exactly when and how to prepare for an upcoming promotion, digitally track completion, and confirm readiness with photos and other information, to ultimately drive more successful promotions operation-wide.

Instantly roll out your next promotion or merchandizing initiative

Automatically assign every store new tasks to prepare for the promotion—from training staff to placing signage—with details and due dates.

Instantly roll out your next promotion or merchandizing initiative
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Verify store participation and compliance from anywhere

Enable store employees to submit photos of signage, products, displays, and more to confirm that the location is ready for the promotion starting on day one.

Identify and resolve issues faster

Identify and receive alerts about compliance issues from your desktop or mobile device, automatically assign corrective measures and track them until resolved to ensure a successful, timely promotion.

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