Zenput for Restaurants

Elevate team execution in every restaurant

The restaurant ops execution challenge

For restaurant chains, consistently providing high quality and safe customer experiences is difficult to achieve, especially across dozens, hundreds, or thousands of locations. And as new processes and initiatives are deployed, field and store teams must be equipped to adapt and do their jobs well.

Improve execution in every restaurant

The world’s best restaurant chains use Zenput to ensure food safety and public health, maintain high brand standards, verify marketing and promotional compliance, and document human resources issues.

Protect your customers and your brand

Protect your customers and your brand

Ensure that customers and employees are kept safe every time they come through the door by digitally tracking and automating safety protocols, such as general sanitation, employee wellness checks, and food safety and preparation practices.

Maintain high brand standards

Elevate the quality and consistency of execution of food preparation, timely coaching, cleaning and other operating procedures to deliver a positive experience every time a customer enters any one of your restaurants.

Maintain high brand standards
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Ensure timely execution of LTOs to boost sales

Empower managers and employees across your operation to know exactly when and how to prepare for an upcoming promotion, confirm readiness with photos and other information, and digitally track progress.

Improve HR process compliance

Streamline employee onboarding, training program implementation, and employee performance tracking while keeping confidential employee information safe.

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